Custom Builds and Medical Conditions

Every Possibility for Improvment

With today's materials developments and internet search-ability the prospects have never been greater for truly great products. The SureTone System of shoulder rest design has been one of those great ideas made greater by a more modern world. Shortly there will be protocols in place for 3D printing of the most streamlined and efficient shoulder rests ever conceived. Reservations only at this time: $100. Of course chin rests will be down the line too.

Ultimately the more success we have now the sooner the future will be here.

Consult with inventor Steven McMillan one-on-one at any of the Houston area fine violin shops and music stores. On Tuesdays and Wednesdays at the Kingwood Music School.

Clients anywhere in the world may schedule adjustment sessions online with Mr. McMillan. 

Please email all inquiries to: