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Orchestra Revolution

Entertainment and Economics for Our Times

This is a flat out appeal for money: $2500. As soon as possible. The purpose is to form a Texas corporation produce symphonic and related arts events and content on a continuing basis throughout the state and region. This is also an initiative to "kill the tuxedos". Our concerts won't feel like detention.

Each day musicians criss-cross the globe taking their special skills to the stages, studios, classrooms, hospitals, churches, universities and beyond. While travel to many of us is a welcome feature of our industry it is in some ways a wasted commodity.

What I mean is that at any given time there may be a symphony orchestra in your backyard and you may not know it. With some clever data analysis I believe that communities can be served by the nearly constant "cloud" of musical specialists passing through on the way to and from gigs.

So the idea is to plot where and when musicians are already self produce concert events in those logical areas where both the talent and the communal desire for arts enhancement is present. Presenting communities would have only to 1) provide venue and related support and 2) promote ticket sales.

More gigs for musicians. More music in underserved communities. Educational presentations coordinated with schools. The benefits grow with imagination.

There are also some clever revenue streams to be explored along the way. For our performers.

Any small donation is appreciated.

For those who wish to know more----do read on:

Orchestra Revolution is organizing with your help as a B-Corporation formed for the innovative presentation of symphonic music and related projects. B-Corporations are defined as "Benefit" corporations due to adherence to a defined set of public benefits which are primary to the corporate mission and regular operations.

Unlike a non-profit, a certified B-Corporation is operated as with any business corporation except for some very important paradigms. The mission and operational practices must provide societal, environmental, fair trade economic benefits to the community at large and to the corporation employees.

A historic concert just took place in San Antonio with just such a self propelled new orchestra. While virtually no money was spent to secure skilled professional performers there was no shortage of talent. With only social media and a 30 day window from planning to concert time it came off as a greatly attended and successful event.

Our communal discussions have yielded some very promising management and promotional models which may have far reaching implications for the symphonic music industry at large. Our quest is to find a sustainable model to grow what has obvious purpose in today's communities.

I have estimated that $2500 is a logical budget to accomplish legal and filing fees plus related expenses.

This is an excited and urgent request for your financial support to start this venture.

We promise to bring educational inspiration, entertainment value, and positive micro-economic resources in all of the communities served by our music.
union working conditions and pay rates

Invest in your performance:

Orchestra Revolution is the orchestra that you can own. Acquire shares of stock in this important new corporation. OrchestraRev