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Shoulder Rests Shaped Like Real Shoulders

Beginner to Maestro-great COMFORT!


Near weightless little beads held together in a polymer matrix is known as "Floam". It is quite versatile and luckily ideal for achieving super comfort for your violin or viola shoulder rest.  Click the button for a silly video showing the material and how it almost shapes itself.


Original and Flip Model

The original SureTone Rest was revolutionary in that it gave players much needed control to customize the shape of the shoulder contact portion. The new Flip model utilizes "floam" inside a non-slip pocket to achieve the lightest most accurate mold of your shoulder. Both models attach to the instrument edge with gentle Micro-suction pads. 

Off the Shelf or by Appointment

By meeting with me or one of the SureTone certified techs in your area you can have the perfect customized fit for both shoulder and chin rest. New compounds for molding at room temperature make it possible to have that secure fit with little fuss. Ask about setting an appointment in your area.

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Shoulder Rests Shaped Like Real Shoulders

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