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SureTone Shoulder Rest: violin-viola

Shoulder Rests Shaped Like Real Shoulders

Some photos feature custom colors-Standard rests are basic black

The Most Comfortable Shoulder Rests on Earth

Version 1.0 Original Style

All sizes violin 1/4 through viola

Today's version of the original design is the most durable dependable and adjustable unit of its type available anywhere in the world. Everyone should be aware of this easily adjusted, never fail item.

Version 2.0 Bandless

It practically floats on the edge of the instrument. New plastic film with micro-pores gently hold on to any smooth surface. Your SureTone Rest becomes a truly 21st century tool as it holds itself in place.

Version 3.0 Self Molding Floam

NEW! A simple revolution in adjustment options, this promises to help countless players find that optimal fit.

Version 1.0: The Original. Frankly in a perfect world a shoulder rest would do nothing and be nothing.  It would be weightless and invisible and would feel needed when needed and practically non-existent when not. The next best thing would be one that conforms to the player's shape in a pleasing and comfortable manner. I offer my solution in several formats.        

Version 2.0 Bandless attachment with Micro-pore plastic bumpers. Also a streamlined platform pattern reduces weight while allowing more adjustability at the critical collar bone contact point.

Shoulder Rests Shaped Like Real Shoulders-Chin Rests Are Coming Too.

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