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Shoulder Rests for Real Shoulders

Beginner to Maestro-great COMFORT!

Stop the presses!!!! What's going on at SURETONE?

These last few weeks I have left customers wondering what the new developments are. This is nothing short of a NEW REVOLUTION in shoulder rest comfort. And  that pile of color there to the left is part of the answer: FlipFoam (tm) Technology.

SureTone "Flip" Model

These near weightless stryrofoam balls suspended in a proprietary polymer formula are the ANSWER! Able to form nearly any shape the violin/viola player's instrument-shoulder interface has never been more efficiently fitted. The super clever FlipFoam Technology makes initial adjustment a breeze.

SureTone "Original-Style" Model

That dependable durable innovation that started it all. The ultimate DIY platform for the pro. Velcro hook/loop fastener holds modular components in place for super secure custom fit.

Best Comfort Through Sensible Engineering

Maximum Functional Surface Area

When the form of a shoulder rest is accurate to the form of the player the optimal amount of surface area can be engaged.       

Medical Grade

Until now players desiring this quality had to spend a great deal of time and money on custom work. Many have sought  advice  from an Orthopedist,  Orthotist, therapist, licensed practitioner, or other specialist.

Start With Professional Standards

The SureTone FlipFoam utilizes foam particles in a polymer matrix to individually mold the shape of any shoulder. The matrix is stabilized and contained in a non-slip covering of cloth, foam, or other material. It is then affixed to the lift platform. A scheduled appointment with your area SureTone Technician is all it takes to stay comfortable for a lifetime.

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